General, Antiques & Specialist Auctions, Auctioneers and Salerooms in the UK

Auctions and Auctioneers are listed by Region, County and then Alphabetically. Simply click the region link on the map or at the bottom of the page to find General Auctions, Auctioneers and Salerooms then search the Counties that are listed.

If your Saleroom or Auction House is not listed, or the listing is incorrect then please contact us for a listing. All basic listings are free.


UK Regions - General & Antique Auctions

The United Kingdom is divided into 12 Regions, which are then sub-divided into Counties.

All the various auction categories, General Auctions, Vehicles, Property etc have been listed by Region, County and then alphabetically to make searching as quick and easy as possible. Simply click the Auction type, the Region you wish to search, then the County and scroll down. If you are looking for a specific auctioneer then use the search box.

map of UK showing the 12 regions Scotland General Auctions North East England General Auctions North West England General Auctions Yorkshire and Humberside General Auctions East Midlands General Auctions East of England General Auctions Greater London General Auctions West Midlands General Auctions South East England General Auctions South West England General Auctions  Wales General Auctions Northern Ireland