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Tel: - Telephone number. Fax: - Fax machine number. Mob: - Mobile or Cell Phone number.
Opening:- Opening hours of business. Email: - Email address. Web Site: - Web Site address
AM - Ante Meridiem (before midday). PM - Post Meridiem(after midday). Noon - Midday.
MAP - Google Map showing approximate position of business based on Post Code.

Regions & Counties

For ease of navigation we have split the UK into Regions and Counties as listed on The United Kingdom Government website Directgov. This does not mean we approve of, or like the way that successive govenments have messed around with Regions and Counties for their own nefarious reasons, we would much prefer to keep the old Ancient Counties but then people would call us Luddites (which we quite like). So please don't take offence if you have been listed in a region that you don't like or recognise!