Privacy Policy

At the moment we don't collect information from our visitors, we don't sell or distribute any information that we have or have not collected and we have no intention, for the time being, of doing so in the future.

The only information we collect and store is the information given to us by people/ businesses wishing to have a listing included in our site(s).

Advertisers whose products or advertisements are shown on our site(s) may be placing and reading cookies on users' browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on our website. 

Merchants or another third party, may use code or cookies on this website to track the performance of Merchant’s marketing efforts, and that no personally identifiable information is collected in such process;

We save all emails and form submissions (apart from the silly ones from crazy people who fill in forms with gibberish because that is Sooo much fun isn't it...guess what, if your name or email address is crazy*!%@gibberish.mad, or something similar, we know you are a crazy person) from people or businesses requesting links or submission.

The only time we would divulge any information we may or may not hold, other than by listing it on our site(s) is if ordered to do so by a legitimate Law Enforcement Agency and that would be reluctantly and they would have to be in possession of a warrant/court order/ gun/ Swat Team/ Big Dog/ Big Stick and on the strict understanding that if they break the front door down, they have to replace it with a door of equal or better quality.